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Since Day 1, our vision has been to create a community of great tour guides from around the world. As a fast-growing professional community, we want to offer travelers a fantastic service. Please note that by joining guides magic you are expected to:


  1. Answer travelers’ questions by email within 24 hours.

  2. Be willing to answer at least three questions from each traveler for free (after which you can stop the communication and ask him/her to pay for your services).

  3. Send a one-day itinerary for free.

  4. Charge customers $30 or less for a 20-minute online meeting.


For the services we provide, we take a small 5% commission on any and all transactions that take place between you and your customers.  We use this fee to continue to improve guides magic technology and advertise it worldwide – all for your benefit.


To enroll and begin to benefit from guides magic , simply send in your contact details and we'll guide you through the process.



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